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That’s got pheromones in it, that’s got. That’s musky. That’s best bit of magic, that is. That’s very beautiful, innit? I’m glad you like it. I do game that’s game that’s proper. Me mum will be very, very pleased with that. Do you have that away from the old warehouse, did ya? Yeah. Don’t say anything, I mean, it’s alright. Goes to Mrs. Kray. Thank you. And the other matter. Yeah, what matter? What, that? Yeah Right game I mean, I’m not in the mind to hand out refunds, am I? Can’t you handle it yourself? I pay you for protection, Ron. What are you trying to say? Nothing game You just said it, didn’t you? You ing said it. You come in here with your ing nose, right? And your tea. Your ing exotic tea. Right? And you say that. I’m not very good at my job. I didn’t mean it like that. You ing did. No, I game Uh! I’ll tell you what. This matter of yours game I’ll deal with it for you. Alright? You go with Teddy, right, and you bring me two thousand pounds, OK? And in return, I promise that I will have George Cornell killed. Alright? I didn’t say game Alright? I didn’t saying anything about killing, Ron. You ing did! You ing meant it. Look at you, you meant it with your eyes. Look at your eyes. Ey? It’s in your ing eyes. Are you threatening me? No. Cos there is death in your eyes and you’re ing threatening me. Is he threatening me? It’s hard to tell, Ron. I’ll pay. You what? I’ll pay. You will? Yeah. There it is. And a deal is a deal. It’s done. Yeah. It’s done. It’s over. Teddy, take him. Thank you. Very kind of you game Thank you game for the tea. That’s a good deal. How do I look? ing deadly. You want me to come in with you? In there? Come on. You’ll stay in the car. Anything you need to tell me? Well look what the cat dragged in. Jesus. Yeah, you’re not laughing now, are you? For ‘s sake. Boss? The ? Get off the phone. Shut up, you heard. What are you ing looking at? You didn’t see nothing. That’s Ronnie Kray, that is, innit? ing hell. Reggie. Are you mad? The Blind Beggar, yeah? Cornell? It’s on the ing radio. Reggie.