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I Games Evan. Calm Games Evan, that is me. No, it’s not. It is. I posed for that painting almost , years ago. Ha! This is the crazy I can’t handle. My eyes are like this because of hereditary heterochromia. Do you know what that means? I don’t know. You, like, give it to your kids or something? Correct, but I’ve been giving it to myself. There are things I have found out in the last two decades that I don’t understand entirely and you may find them upsetting. You’re trying not to upset me? You dumped me and became a monster. Okay, you win one argument. Um, do you know what embryonic stem cells are? Cure stuff. You abort babies to get ’em. Not necessarily, but you kind of get the idea. They replicate for a long time and can be used to heal or maintain your whole body. So that’s what you are? You’re like Newsweek fountain of youth cells or something? Sure, so my body uses the cells so I stay the same age and heal very fast. But Games embryonic cells? Are you pregnant? ! I conceive and about a week later I’m a healthy year-old with % new DNA. I stay the same age for about years and then I need new cells. And you dumped me once you got ’em. You wouldn’t have recognized me anyway. I’ll have to start a new life. I always do, every years. Why tonight? Why even get to know me? I didn’t want to hurt you. Ha! God damn it, I mean physically. Before my body uses the cells, it goes crazy. I rot, I turn into creatures from our evolutionary past, I kill stuff! ! Hey, we both have tempers, huh? Yeah, but mine’s worse. And something is off. And I thought I could control it, but Games , I got Games I got desperate and I tried occult books and Games Occult books? I ate my rabbit. What? Okay, it’s not magic, okay? There’s adult stem cells in cat brains and rabbit intestines, testicles. Well, use those! I do, but they aren’t as effective. Okay, well, whatever I saw on your living room floor, that was not the physical laws of the universe. Okay, just Games I need a second. Look, just because you haven’t seen something before, Evan, doesn’t mean it’s supernatural.