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Gandhi Idly, Gandhi Dosa, Gandhi Poori, Gandhi Vada… We do not need any of those, but bring two plates of Gandhi Chicken and Gandhi mutton Hey Ram! This is Santhipuram So what? Mohandas laid the foundation stone and named this village Who is he? Hey Ram Do you not know Mohan Das? We know Murugadoss Director of our Mahesh Babu Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Thus is non vegetarian banned here Drink then? Bapu! Banned. We have seen places without water, but seen a place with no drink for the first time. How will you live without drink and eating mutton? Are these humans or animals Said great Ok, if there is nothing fry that pigeon and bring. Director sir will have it It would be good for fry Hey Ram! May the bad be gone! There are some limitations for this village There will be no doors for houses here No fights here and no differences between people here It is all the peace formula of Gandhi here Satyagrahi Satyagrahi? What is that? Do you show the second when hot on one cheek? We show more than that. Show it then, we shall see Bapu! Basiri Who is Basiri?Maybe the local Don Basiri Why are so many coming when one is called? Hey dude, do not shout.I will give a hundred or two if you want. Basiri Hey Chokka, I hit only when he said to right? Still, your hand is moving a lot sir Oh no! Why have all surrounded? Will they hit? Chokka he is coming over Maybe would hit Basiri What? Uncle! Basiri means to hit They do not listen if not hit Bapu Basiri Basiri Hit sir, what will we lose? Raghupati Raghava Rajaram… Pathita pavana Seetharam…. Basiri!Oh no! Raghupati Raghava Rajaram… Basiri Basiri Basiri Hey Praneeth, these slap sounds are good. Record them. Come on, hit Hit Have some water please. Look, have some more patience and hit Come on hitI cannot any more Here, have it. Come on Hit Basiri! Hit, come on this is last. Hit. Oh no, has he died or what? Director sir Director sir So much violence in non violence? Hit! Come o kids, listen! Say hail India… You please stop Bapu.. Do not stop sir, he would again say hit You have no worry at all Say Shatru They are here in Santhipuram brother Kill that fellow and bring sister carefully Ok brother Brother… Look there So, they are the reason behind his courage. Sir..Yes. Uncle will never hit anyone from now Again hitting if so Do not leave anyone from them These are his courage then. We shall finish all these fellows first. Chai, they are the guys of my brother They are our people Are they humans? Hey, they ran away. Catch them Hey, whom did you come for? We came for our madam, you? We came for our madam Stop it Stop Then problem of us both is that fellow. We shall not leave that fellow. There are two ways to get out from this village. You go in one way and we will go in the other. We will hand over him if we get and you do if you get All our Santhipuram people got disturbed like the pigeons What bloody, wearing that attire you gave lectures about peace. We would have been into pieces if they had caught us. I do not understand that. There is no bloodshed in the history of Santhipuram