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Why not? The ghost wolves, remember? And look at yourself, you’re a zombie. What is he going to say when he opens the door and sees your rotting flesh? I don’t want to be a zombie. There’s only one way to return to your life as a mortal. How? The Azoth. Piroska! Legend of the Azoth. Well, according to the legend Game A Novice. A newly arrived zombie will use the magical powers of the Azoth to create a passage back. A magical passage that will allow zombies to return to their mortal lives. Back to the exact moment before their death. Wait. Who’s that? Like a second chance. So that they can fix mistakes they made when they were alive. You’re a Novice. Do you have the Azoth? There’s a solution, don’t despair for the road back home is far but fair. Do you know its secret? Show us its power. Hang on a sec. There isn’t any power locked up in this trinket. What? Don’t you know how it works? It’s just a pendant that someone gave me for my birthday! A charm? Give it to me. Maybe I can make it Game No! Do you have a better idea? Vitriol. He’ll help us! Vitriol is a lousy bum, plain and simple. True, but he knows volumes about the dead, the living, and everything in between. No one knows where he resides. And the forest is infested with dark angels and mortals. I’ll take it to him. No one gets around the forest better than me. I said no! Look out, Dixie! Fine! Let’s see how far you get without my help! Aw, she’s right. How are we going to get out of here? Let me think. Bonsai are very delicate plants. The bonsai’s beauty lies in its perfection. Which is why one must prune away that which is undesirable. No! I’ve told you times, that species is too young for fertiliser. Please forgive me, your highness, Nebulosa. İt is, uh Game The more mature bonsai that needs a large amount’? Small quantities, you loathsome piece of mismatched flesh! Oh. Ouch! Just a minor injury. Yes, Thorko? Ooh! Twenty specimens! Extract their thoughts and lock them up in the catacombs. Move on. Oh! Merci.