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Control, it’s go in ten minutes. One squadron recon, automatic to Echo’s orbit. I want you put us there in an hour. Did you say one hour sir? That’s right. But, sir, these ships weren’t built to take that speed. It’s dangerous. There in an hour, don’t argue. But regulations won’t allow me to exceed the limit. On my signal you’ll give us maximum power. Yes, sir, maximum power. Joe, I’m playing a wild hunch about Echo. Keep close contact. Yes, sir. Captain, I want you to Game hours. That’s all I asked for, to remember. Commander, his town was destroyed. His boy was saved, but, his wife was killed. He just got the news. Asbeth, check. Lieutenant Peters, we will need all weapons ships from all squadrons alerted. We are green at ten minutes to rendezvous. Check, sir. I want the deflector and all the fire power you’ve got. Including antimatter? Including antimatter. Very good, sir. Have the Captain get some sleep. Yes, sir. Dob)’, I’ll have Perkinson relieve you. Yeah. We’re set here. Communications are go. Automatic lock is go Lieutenant. You’re checked out. Do you read me? Loud and clear. Rod, I’m afraid. I don’t read you. I could go with you. I don’t read you. You’re go Commander. hours. Commander Rod Game has set forth an answer to Echo’s desperate call for help and if his hunch is right he will see for himself the horror stalking outer space. Whatever it is, it has avoided detection by the powerful video scopes scanning the skies. Gamma to Game . Commander we have set your speed on automatic. Captain, in a little while the Commander will be ready for the free fall with full complement and fully loaded. They are now onehalf hour from rendezvous and running into a gravity pull that is taking them through a new heading. Keep them at the same speed and heading, lock them into our own telemetry at . Before rendezvous we’ll take them over. Recon Gamma, keep your flight course on . Are you check? Are you check? I’m check all right. As Game sets controls for maximum speed,