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You’re a tourist. We have to get my boat. Come on. You have a boat? Come on, faster, Evan! Faster! Can you swim if we sink? The lady gorilla won’t sink. Seriously, can you swim? Okay, so we’re very close. So paddle us as fast as you can, then get down. All right, have you done this before? This looks like magic. Looks like stuff from nature we haven’t figured out yet. Well, what makes this? The glow? It’s from refracted sunlight coming through a big hole underwater. How did you find it? My friend showed it to me. There are some others the tours go to, but this one is a secret. Some of the Roman statues from the exhibit were found over there. Hormones and biochemistry. Moment ruined and I think we’re taking on water. Stop talking shit about my boat, Evan. Can I ask you something awkward now? No. Do you ever change your clothes? Yes! Really? All I brought is my backpack and the only things they sell here are, like, I heart Bologna shirts. Octopussy! We are not all like that. Octopussy. You girls old enough to drink? You know where we can get some beer? Uh, Evan, are you still hungry? No, I’m good. ‘Cause you know, the clinic opens really early tomorrow. Yeah, I have work tomorrow, too. I’ve got to go to bed. Don’t pay for me. No, you did all the rowing. But thanks for a wonderful time. What up? Hey, I have weed in my hotel room. I don’t speak French. How much to my dick? What the Games ? Football bad? Si. Where are you off to all dapper? Chiesa. Come. Grazie. Your Italian is going better. Yeah, I’m trying. Are there any single donne at church? Si. You should ask one out. I can’t. Yeah, you can. My wife. Oh, well Games if you ever feel ready, then you should. Hey. Hey. Something wrong? No, it’s Games Can I come in? No, it’s not a good time right now. Um, well, I mean if you really have to. Um, I didn’t sleep at all last night, so forgive me if I stumble through this. I don’t even know how much you need me to tell you this, because it’s been barely a week, but things got intense so fast and Games Tell me what?