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Pucca Pursuit 2 Thank you. Men, load them up. Man overboard! There he is! Captain, I’ll be on my way. Yes. Thank you. Over here! Whoa! What happened? The pier has moved! Help him! Get a rope! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! It’s the captain. We’ve gotta save him. Let me go! Are you crazy? Silence! Selling weapons to the pirates. Shall we hang him, shoot him or chop off his head? I say, let’s chop! Oh, yes. We’ll chop his head off! Since we’re surrounded by water, let’s throw him overboard. Splendid idea! Let’s throw him overboard! Let’s throw them all overboard! Watch out! Why aren’t you in the water? Please. You can’t swim? That’s right. Can’t swim. He’ll learn. Perhaps it’s time you learned! Just a minute. Why don’t you try this. Yeah, now you can swim! Oh, thank you. It’s all right. I can’t swim! I can’t swim! Help! Man overboard! Well, you’ve got your guns. What are you going to do with them? Find some buyers, of course. These will bring good money. Why don’t you give all of these rifles back to the army? How about if I sell them back to the army? Is that okay? Sure. Glad I could help you then. What’s that? This is the only way, you see, that we’ll be able to find the right timber. There’s a million of them. Mr. Fei. This way. Not bad. Let me see it. It’s all here. Rifles? Same time tomorrow. I’m not stupid. They’re in a safe place. Oh! No money till we get the rifles. They’re in the log yard. I’ll take you there tomorrow. How do you know which log the guns are in? Don’t worry. I marked it with a colored flag. See? Look. It wouldn’t be a red flag, would it? That’s great. Now how do we find it? Uh, we’ll turn them over. Okay, let’s get started. All right, wise guy. I’m only gonna ask this once. Where are the rifles? Watch how you talk to me. You guys should know not to mess with me. A double cross. Somebody tricked me. You better give it up, fats. Where did you hide the rifles? All right. Everyone leave now. The harbor’s closed. What? Come on. Let’s beat it. I think you’re working for them. No, I’m not. I said to clear this place.