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Pom! Pom! Yes. Two footmen? No, myself alone. There are circumstances that call for a Frenchman. No, quite seriously. You ought to marry that Mecklenburg girl. She’s really lovely! Honey-colored hair down to her knees and a skin like cream and roses. I thought you told me she had a cavalry mustache. Laughing Oh, no. No! just a teeny, tiny little suspicion of a mustache. Oh, charming! Men adore it, really! Uh, by the way, who was the first? First what? First lover? Mine? Yes, yours. Narishkin. When was that? Let me see. It was, um, th of March. Where? In Peterhof, in spring. The trees were all in bud. You were in Moscow with the Italian opera singer. Narishkin taught me to ride. That evening we sat for hours in front of the fire reading Voltaire. And then? Chuckles Well One gets tired of reading. Plate Clattering And how long did that last? Until May, when we went back to Moscow. And in Moscow you met the second. Mm-hmm. Who was it? Gagarin. And how long did that last? Hmm. Until the court came back to Petersburg. Oh, that was the beginning ofJune. Hmm. Three weeks. Oh, but in Petersburg the funniest thing happened. Do you remember the French ambassador’s masked ball? No. Oh, darling. When you were in Moscow with Natasha Ronsky. Yes, I remember! Well, there was a harlequin who made passionate love to me the whole evening and I was convinced that it was Alexei Borodin. Go on. Go on, go on! Well, we escaped together and slipped into the palace. And the next morning I discovered that it was Vladimir Pashkov. And he was so terribly in love with me that it took me a week before I could get rid of him and invite Alexei Borodin. You dare to tell me that! Oh, you idiot! You idiot, idiot, idiot! Why? Because it’s not true! Not true? Not a word. Didn’t you have lovers? Not one, you idiot! Well, why did you tell me you had? You idiot! Crying Why did you leave me that fiirst night? Peter Because I was an idiot. Orchestra. ; Waltz Why don’t you go to the ball? No, I’d rather stay here. I want to work. I don’t want you to work.