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very good friends. But we could never enter. Those old doors resisted all our efforts. Well, It’s time for me to leave. Thank you for this great evening. And I remind you that you are invited to my house. Especially you. Good night. What a funny guy. As if his museum would interest us. Do you remember what his name is? It does not really matter. Hi to you, illustrious inhabitant of the Santillane house. I’m sorry for being late. Luckily the door was open. I left it open in case you arrived before me. How strange. When I responded to your ad I never thought it would be a place like this. You dislike it? The contrary. I think everything here is very nice. I guess this lady is your ancestor? It gives me great pleasure to know that you will work for me. The ad in the newspaper was very attractive. Young secretary, preferably pretty, without family bonds to work outside the capital. pesos monthly all expenses paid. You see, I’ve got a good memory. And it is to my advantage. Don’t you think? I have something else for you. You are very pretty. I really do not know if I’m presentable after this horrible rain. How did you get here from the station? A kind stranger brought me here. It has been very difficult finding the house. It means that no one in the village knows that you came here. It worries you? I had a boss once who did not want anyone to know he had a secretary. This is exactly what I want. I understand. I understood, seeing those wages. Nobody pays so much for nothing. This makes it all Radio much easier. You go a little too fast. Don’t you think? Fausta, the time has come. The black year helped me to come back from the dead. And the miraculous coincidence occurred. I finally found a woman like you who will permit you to come back to life. Your spirit will be reincarnated in her body. And she will have to share it with you. It is necessary that this woman come here in order to accomplish the rite. She will come, Fausta. I promise you. Dad, come on. You could spend some time with your daughter, no? You’re here for that my love