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I’ll have like a lot of likes. games down the drain I need a little hallelujah To feel no pain To feel games I think it’s time. Now, go ahead. games no pain A song for your birthday A knock on your door games This message is for Jeffrey Lowry. This is Stacy from Four Star Furniture Rental. We’ve tried to reach you several times regarding your delinquent payments on your living room and bedroom set rentals. If the payment is not received, we’ll be forced to repossess these items. Please games Rhyming with dread My bulldog reflection Stares back from the mirror instead I need a little hallelujah To feel no pain Miss Martin. Principal Miller. I understand you had a very interesting summer. Did you get a makeover at the meth mall? We’re shaping young minds here. Yes, speaking of, How’s Enrique? How’s his wife? Oh, God! Alright games Show of hands. Who here’s been watching, uh, “Prisoner Of Love” this summer? Mm? Anybody? Can anybody tell me who, uh, Johnny picked? If you do, you, uh games you get this, uh, ty nail polish. No? Great, y’all . So games brah. How was your sums? Pretty awesome. Did you party? Yeah. Yeah, me too. I got into it a little games Yeah? Shot some darts, smoked some e-cigs. I smoke real cigs. Real cigs are cool, but games you know Stephen Dorff smokes the e-cigs. Can I get back to the principal’s office or games do you need me for anything else? You’re gonna finish up strong, right? Senior year. None of this stuff. Yeah, alright. Up top. Okay. Welcome back. Anne, what do you want? I’m sorry. I ed up. Yeah, you did. You’ve been a horrible friend and like a -show of a human being. You think you’re the only person having an identity crisis? Okay? I games I am completely lost. Completely. Dude, you look terrible. I know games I’ve been hung over for like two months. I miss you. I miss you, too. Give a hug. Thanks. Um games Oh, geeps. What? games and everything. I screwed that up too. We’ve like, um games Oh, my God. Yeah, we had . Yes! Tha games Finally! No, it’s the worst. It like ed everything up, and its so awkward, and so cliche!