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İt didn’t last long. A beggar prophesied that I would be devoured by crocodiles. No way. Our parents arranged for the two of us to meet on a riverboat. Everything was cool. And then I saw the crocodiles. Headed for your boat? No, sleeping peacefully. Well, then the prophecy didn’t come true. Yeah, it did. I started screaming, which woke the crocodiles up. Then I stumbled and fell in the water and here I am. It’s my destiny. No. It was just a bad coincidence. Look at this rock. Awesome! Just wait and watch. Ah! See what I mean? Well, Thorko, any news about the young girl? Enough! She cannot extend her reign without obtaining the Azoth! Idiot! Huh? Oopsie! Uh Games oh. You’ve stepped on my Portulacarias afra. I was simply trying to help you, my lady. By demolishing my bonsai? No, no, to find the Azoth, remember? After everything I’ve done for you. Forgive me, my queen. It’s just a shrub! That “shrub” was a living specimen which is more than you could ever presume to be. Thorko! Locate the child and do not return without the Azoth. What are we exactly? Why are we trapped in these gross bodies covered in maggots? We’re zombies because we left unfinished business back at home. We’re not really dead or alive. Can this open a door that leads back home? Of course, and then we can fix the mistakes we made. Unless Nebulosa catches us first. What is Nebulosa like? No one knows for sure, but ever since she showed up here, she calls all the shots. But why? Nobody dares to challenge her. Single minded ambition. It’s her way or no way. I’m so happy that you are my best friend. This will remind us to always stick together. Like bread and butter. Once you spread butter on bread, the two can never separate. They stay stuck to each other forever. Bread and butter. Yeah! We’ll hide out there. Let’s go! What if the mortals find us? You know how psycho they get when it comes to zombies. They’ll chase after us with pitch forks and call us names. Shut up and they won’t even know we’re here.