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We’re listening. Kermadec here. I’ve pick up the pretty little fox. She’s a bit wet, but game Congrats, Yann! So happy you’re together! I’m giving you a hug, Mag! Can you hear me? Keep Mag. A scientific ship will pick her up in a few days. Okay, and thank you everyone. Come here! Come. If I come out, she’ll game Come here! Mano Ixa, Mauritanian. Mag Hambling, London. I have to work. You’ve no idea. Rescue images are everywhere. You’re a hero here. Is Mag OK? Yeah, she’s sleeping. She got a scare. So did we. Take care of you all. You all? You and Mag. Yes, of course. I’m sending you a hug. A big hug. Tell Léa I miss her. I’ll tell her. And keep sending those sunsets. OK. st Day South of the Cape of Good Hope Yann th I won’t be playing the rescue dog my entire life. After she leaves, you get off in New Zealand. He doesn’t want to keep me. He’s leaving me in New Zealand. I want to go to France. Any idea where France is? It’s very, very far. How far? We’re going around the world, my boy. Around the world? Why? Why! Can I help you? No. You’ve got to get your leg in. You can adjust them. Not too bad. It looks good on you. Come on. I took refuge in the capsized hold. Then I heard shouts. That’s when I started to believe. You’ll be sent home tomorrow morning. Not too sad to leave Yann Kermadec? He’s focused on the race. A passenger aboard is a burden. We were afraid for you here. We’re sending you our love. Thank for everything. How often will you tell your story? Until I find another boat. What are you telling me? I’ve got the Ndoum! The curse! Stop. It’s true. When I run, it hurts here, I’m out of breath. In France, they can care for me. What will you do alone in France? Look. That’s why I left. That doctor healed my uncle. He also had the Ndoum. Mag? It’s time. Yann will bring you luck. The kid’s good! Take care of him! Go on, little fox! It’s always the same crap! He’s in th place. Not bad. It’s crazy seeing him move up the ranks. He’s on fire. Yeah, but I don’t want him to be disappointed. This is the most violent weather to date.