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No trace of Commander Game . Was that the antimatter signal? It was sir. General, the survivors are reentering the ship. We ask authority for antimatter bomb contact. All is now ready to release antimatter. General Norton, please confirm antimatter contact. Contact. Today, earth, where peace and tranquility have returned, pays tribute to the bravery of Officers Dubrovsky and Parkinson, who courageously gave their lives for their country. Ricky, your father was a great man. Perkinson and he gave their lives to protect our universe. Don’t ever forget that.I hate that. Bye. Anyone who says Game that menopause isn’t the most divine time in a woman’s life Game is a pessimist. I carry a cattle prod from my husband’s ranch Game in my purse at all times, so when a pessimistic thought about menopause comes into my head, I give myself a teensy zap. This is the time of your life Game when your inner goddess emerges. Mm-hmm. And I’m not talkin’ about some New Age pagan kind of goddess. I am talking about a Judeo-Christian goddess. And you no longer have to worry about getting pregnant Game or getting whistled at by those handsome, young ranch hands. Menstruation is overrated. Hot flash, missy? Hot flashes. Mood swings. Achy joints. Oh, yes. Frequent urination. It’s all good. Hello? GamesMay I speak with Beth Humphrey?Game This is Beth. GamesThis is Liz Hulsey from the State Department of Health.Game GamesI got your message about Tess Muldoon Mobile Unit.Game GamesI am thrilled when a generous donor like you calls,Game