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Pyramid Complex Heist ve break up with him Now, I’m here with you. It’s friday, do you want to have some fun? You shouldn’t fall for that guy. You might get hurt if you’re with him You said it because you’re lonely I like that type of guy. I’d love to bring him home He’s the worst of friends Today’s a total mess. What am I doing, really? It looks like he’s shameless Why? Is it because I’m okay with it and openminded? This is a special, for you only Guys are so clueless. Instantly fall for women’s appearance It doesn’t means guys are illogical/Didn’t you say that you don’t feel anything? It’s quite good Why suddenly gets this close, what’s with you?lLong time no see Ah, it’s you. It’s been so long. What are you doing here?lI just passing by How’re you now?lI’m a photographer Looks like you’ve made itlWhat is it? I’m just get started. I’m still working hard for it You two are at same age?lI’m three years younger Then, I’m the older sisterlI’ve never called an older woman ‘noona’ That’s game lWhat would you like to eat? They have some tasty food here I was his senior at the military service. Hyo Bong game No, Andrew always has his confidence And now, time for his mean speech Let’s toast Hello. Sorry. I’ll be right there I just remembered, I still have something to do. You two would be alright without me, right? How can you forget? I’m sorry. I’ll leave first Can you really go home by yourself? Have fun, I’m going now Again, I don’t have no choice but leavel Your orders, Do you know, what they call a woman who can eat this much? I don’t want to know.l”little pig” It might be better with side dished than the rice. Might be good with a change of things He’s also a good man Here we go game ! Time for another trial Are you alright? Afraid of height? If you can’t do this, you’re useless Come on game Don’t look down therel I don’t want to look Get down therelI can’t..lI’ll fill in his place, I’ll do it two times Jump downlMs.Hyun Woo! Eat this game He had been in love with her for a long time Ms Hyun Woo doen’t want to accept any calllWhy?