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Quick Draw Pow! willingness to negotiate, the execution scheduled for : P.M. today will be postponed. However, if we have not concluded a deal by : P.M. tomorrow, There will be no further delays. We won. We just got a message from Albert Trotta. Trotta’s kid, Joey, goes to the Regis school. He naturally wants him out. And he’d be a good guy to have owe us a favor. Give me something to write with. Give this message to my son. They’re receiving another message. It’s the Headmaster. How you feeling? Okay. Come to my office, will you, Mr. Trotta? They want to see you. Why? I don’t think they mean you any harm. I’ll go with you. It’s all right. Okay. We’re letting you go. What? You’re free to go. These men will take you to the main entrance. All you have to do is walk down the driveway. Why me? Because we respect your father. my father Game And you. I’m not going anywhere without my friends. Oh, yes, you are. Don’t fight him! Just go! Ow! Oh! Let go of me! Okay, okay, all right. I’m going. I’m going. Joey! No! Joey! Let me go! Jorge! Let me go! Joey! Joey! Oh, you er! You son of a bitch! Okay! Bring him inside! Get in the room! Inside, let’s go. Please wait there. It is very important that you explain to them Game That we did not want to kill this boy. We were releasing him, in fact. But he suddenly attacked my men and they were forced to shoot him. I would like to see the Headmaster and the other students, please. Not possible. Then release the Headmaster and take me instead. No. It is very important that you tell them Game We did not intend to kill this boy. It was an accident. It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t come here in the first place. It wouldn’t have happened if the American government hadn’t kidnapped my father! Now, we will leave as soon as my father is returned to me. You tell them that. You tell them that this one was an accident, but the next one won’t be. They’re gonna hunt you down, you know that, don’t you? They’ll eventually find you, and then they will kill you. You Americans always say that, but you never actually do it.