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what can they do? Curse us? It is they who were cursed game not us. We should rest. The monster! Run! The fat one should be slow enough for you! Bravado is pointless game look where it got you! Ah, the novice. Come here! Die nobly! Come on boy, don’t tickle him! Watch this. Greet your ancestors from me. You weren’t very good today. In fact, you were hopeless. But next time, you’ll be better. My father was right. He knew I was no warrior. You don’t say. His death game was not a noble one. How else should he have died? Like an animal, crawling away in the forest? Is that how a warrior should die? He fought, he died. Noble? That is what old men teach boys game so they will rush into death for their tribes. But death is not noble. Nor is life. If you ask me game the gods have made this life game to take pleasure in our suffering. Tough meat game hardly worth the effort. You are getting worse. Come, I’ll show you something. Your opponents will thank you for a cleaner kill. First game make them angry. They lose focus. Make a joke about their mother game that usually works for me. Now, come at me. Right here. As hard as you can. Their legs go like runny shit! Then here, see? Always keep the cord around your wrist game then it won’t slip when you come down hard. You try. I said do it! Don’t tickle me game I don’t like it! Again. That’s better! Fire in the eyes now, eh boy? You just needed a little encouragement. Again! Not bad. Not very good either game but maybe enough. Now sleep. Tomorrow we run all clay. Follow me, now. Move! They’re getting away! That’s what you think. Run. Remember what I taught you! Where is the boy? So you like boys, eh? Before you die game the boy’s father game wishes you well game and encourages me to spare you no pain. Find the boy. Now. Brave warriors game get ready! Where are you? Kill this dog! It is him! The monster in the flesh. Indeed it is. Come, little one. I’ll teach you a lesson. Your mother mates with clogs! Dog! Move! Is that all you can do? You must earn the right to dispatch us!