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I have here a poem that Scott games ‘Cowboy’. Everybody called him that games ‘Cowboy’ games that Cowboy read at his high school graduation. It seemed like a real, nice poem. It’s by E.E. Cummings. “For whatever we lose, like you or me, it’s always ourselves that we find at sea.” He didn’t say much. He never did say much. He always did more than he said. Ryan games I’m so sorry for your loss. Listen, you want me to help take care of the baby for a sec, or something? Nah, I’m gonna hold him. Sure. Yeah, I’m gonna hold him. Ginny games you gonna be all right? It’s not a gift, and you don’t owe me anything, either. It’s me, paying you back. I games Take it. I’m gonna make good music on this. I know you will. Oh! For Lia games right? Please leave a message. Hey, Alfred, it’s Jackie. I got the documents that you sent over. Um, I’ll be sure to look them over before we meet. It’s really exciting that the condo already has an offer. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the property. Welcome aboard flight games to New York LaGuardia Airport. We should arrive at about : AM, local time games Okay. Hi, how are you? Can I just get a cup of coffee? Oh. How are you? Good. Where am I gonna go next? How am I gonna get there? Where am I gonna go next? How am I gonna get there? Jackie, Jackie, hun? Oh, thank you for doing this so last minute. You were so proud when you bought this place. I’m sorry to see it go. The tenants kept it in real, nice shape, though, so it should show well. Though there were these twins that got very creative with one of the bedroom walls. But we’ll just replace the appliances and we should probably paint a little. Did you talk to Wes, Alfred? Oh, yeah, Wes called and asked what time we were meeting, so I told him, um games Oh games oh, I’m sorry, I thought that he, uh games It’s okay. Go. Jackie. Jackie! What? Do you even know what you’re doing? I guess we’ll find out. How much can you do for say, three rooms? Knew you would. Jackie games Jackie. Buyer’s final inspection is the end of next week games so we gotta get you guys in there to start the games painting games Lia, honey, it’s almost time for supper. Hey, Mom? Yeah, honey. Is it okay that he went? Yeah. Sometimes people just come through to tell you something games and then once you heard it, they go. Are you ever gonna go? From you? Unh-uh games never. I will be right here by you, until you’re ready to step away. And then I’ll be right there where I am for you if you ever need to come back. That’s how that works, okay? Okay. Hey. Old German fiddle games Schweitzer? Where’d you get that shirt? Hey! Ryan! Hey! Oh, god. How are you? I’m great. Hey, everybody, this is my friend Ryan I was telling you about. Would you like some coffee? Thank you so much. Yeah, a little rough, huh? Yeah, I could work on my bowing a little bit. One second and we’ll be good to go. Okay. Tanner, king of the drop thumb. What’s that? That sounds really good. Straight to F. Now D. So you got any more like that? Yeah games you want to hear them?