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Red Car Rabbit You think it’ll work? Yeah. We’re well and truly ed. They can’t rescue us. We’d all get killed. Then they’ll pay the ransom. Maybe. We’re gonna do something, right? We can’t just sit by and let these bastards with our lives. Do we have a choice? Yes. Um, guys? Could we change the subject? I’d like to go to bed without wetting my pants. This is F.B.I. Deputy Assistant Director Otis Brown. Who am I speaking to? This is Dr. Robert Gould, the Head Headmaster. Look, all the boys are here. They’re all alive and in good health. They’re frightened, of course. Tell them about the explosives. What? Explosives. There are explosives all over the campus. He says that if the wires are cut, they’ll blow up. And he has a remote control device Game Attached by tape to the back of his hand. He says he can blow the school up by pressing a button. It is true. And I will not hesitate. If you attack the school, my men will begin shooting students until you stop. But if by some miracle, you kill all of my men, whatever happens, I will still have time to press the button Game And every one of us will die. I am releasing the faculty. One of them will be carrying a complete list of my demands. These are nonnegotiable. If you do not produce my father unharmed, I will begin executing the hostages. I’m sure by now you have discovered who these students are Game And who their parents are. “Rejects.” I assume the students did this. Yes. Over half the student body consists of boys expelled from other prep schools. Hence the nickname. I see. No, you don’t see. My boys, many of them have a real problem with authority. There’s no telling what they might do in a situation like this. That could damn well get ’em killed. Exactly. There’s one boy in particular. Here they come. There’s a body. I think it’s Jesse Miller, the chemistry teacher. Do you think it’s true about the explosives? Would he be willing to blow himself up along with everyone else? I think he’d be willing to do anything if he doesn’t get his father back. Anything. Can’t sleep, huh? Nope.