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Red Snackolantern 4 What a surprise! How are you doing? Delicious. The dog? What’s wrong? The girl is about to faint! What’s wrong? Nothing. The dog is so old, he barks at anything. The devil’s dog. lt scared us. Are you feeling better? Yes. You seem out of sorts. You’ve a strange look about you. lt’s good l know you’re a good girl, otherwise l’d think you were pregnant. Pregnant? Uhhuh. Only you would suspect that. And what do my eyes have to do with it? Mmm! Just by seeing a woman’s eyes, l can immediately tell whether she’s pregnant. l came to cut the bread and have some hot chocolate. Welcome! Sergeant Trevino, take the men around back to be looked after. Yes, General! Tita, meet my husband. Juan Alejandrez, at your service. Pleased to meet you. Please, come in. l don’t know where she got her sense of rhythm. Mama didn’t like to dance and Dad was a bad dancer. You don’t know how much l missed this food, especially my cream fritters. Revolutions wouldn’t be so bad if you could eat at home every day with your family. When Juan and l found each other again, he said he’d come here looking for me. l got so nostalgic for your food. So, how soon will my fritters be ready? l’m boring you, aren’t l? Of course not, Gertrudis. Why do you say that? lt’s your eyes. Your mind has been off somewhere for a while. lt’s Pedro, right? Yes. lf you still love him, why marry John? l’m not marrying him. l can’t do it, Gertrudis. l’ll move this off the stove and you can keep crying. Why can’t you get married? Because l think l’m pregnant. Pedro’s the father, of course? Yes. Rosaura knows? Nobody knows. Not even Pedro. l don’t know what’ll happen when Rosaura learns the truth. The truth! Listen, Tita, the real truth is that there is no truth. lt all depends. ln your case, the truth could be that Rosaura married Pedro without giving a damn that you two loved each other. Yes, but she’s the wife and not me. So what? Did that wedding change how you and Pedro feel? No. Of course not! Your love is one of the truest loves l know. And you both should admit that truth