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I’m worried about this kid. This dirty kid? Come on, let’s get moving. We have to do something before we go on. You know, the group is waiting for us, my brother. Why are you crying? Why are you barefooted, without any shoes? Home? Family? Where is your home? Come on, I don’t speak Arabic game Please ask him in Arabic. Come along, it’s getting late. This kid is lost. Leave this dirty, filthy creature. Don’t you know how dangerous this area is? I’ll ask in the houses. Maybe someone knows him! Let’s go, forget about him. We have to go! I’ll ask around to find his house. Come on, my boy. Which one of these houses i yours? Which is your house? Is this your home? How are you? What do you want? Is he your kid? I don’t understand what you’re saying. We’ve found this kid on the street. Which family does he belong to? I don’t understand. Kid game Kid game (Arabic) Father, there’s a stranger at the door. What do you want? This kid is lost. Do you know him? Do you know this kid? Why is it no one knows him. Has he been living under a rock. Hello, do you know this boy? Strange, nobody seems to know him. He certainly doesn’t belong here. Where is your gun? I left it inside the car. You’re not an elderly person. Ask him in Arabic where his home is, and about his name. What’s your name? What’s your name? Saddam! What did you say your name was? Saddam! Saddam?! Yay, I arrested Saddam! You can’t be him, sondern der Schwarze! What are you laughing at? Actually, he looks just like him. Open the door. Why? We’ll deliver him to the Americans, and then we’ll leave. Leave this dirty dog here. I feel so sorry for him. It’s a sin. You feel sorry? A sin? And what about ourselves? Have you forgotten the Enfal operation? Where is your brother? But he’s only a kid. He knows nothing of these operations. Open the door to let him in. I swear to God, he’s not getting in the car, ok? He’ll only be sitting next to you, he won’t bite! Drop him on the back seat. In the back! Come on. Once Saddam is gone, you can get yourself a passport and go abroad.