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Red Spped Rescue 2 Wow. Holy shit. Boulder stream loves the shower buddy. Who the is Boulder stream? Only one of the largest catalogue retailers in north America. You’re gonna hear me roar nice. See, when you’re in a good mood, it’s a good song. Bad mood, bad song. And that’s art. That’s good art. Dale: Man, this place is legit! Kurt: Yeah, it’s nice. Did you see the free cookies? Mmhmm. Mmm. Yeah, you clearly have. That’s, like, four of those. You’re gonna have chocolate all over your face. Oh, hey. You know, you’re gonna look like a kid. Hey, really quick, guys. When we meet this guy, when you shake his hand, use your other hand and touch his elbow. It’s a classy move. I don’t know this move. Just give him a nice, firm handshake. Mm, that’s nice! How about that? That’s real nice! It’s really good, yeah. Let me get ya here. No, no. You got chocolate on your fingers. Now it’s on my jacket. I got ya. You put your crumbs on my leg. Put a little water on it. I don’t need water. That will set it. Get the cookie away from me, please, Dale. No, it’s like a fireonfire thing. No, the water will set it. Ha! There they are! There are my shower buddies. How are you? In the flesh. It’s just like on that morning show. You’re always fighting. I love it. Oh. Yeah, it’s game Rex hanson. Oh, hey. Kurt buckman, man. Good to see ya, Kurt. Nice to see you, too. Well, that’s a classy handshake. Nick, pleasure. Dale: Yeah, yeah. Hey. Dale arb uh, shoot. I just learned it. We can do it whichever way you want, buddy. Right? Guys, why don’t we grab the refreshments, the coffee, grab some cookies if you want. Let’s head upstairs and talk about this product, all right? Is that corduroy? Step inside. Dreams do come true. Kurt: Wow, wow. You guys good? You want something to drink? Yeah, I’ll have one, yeah. Dale: Sure! No, no. It’s very early. No. Never mind. No? No for us. Sorry. Rex: I’m gonna cut right to it, gentlemen. The shower buddy a home run. Well, Mr. hanson, we we couldn’t be happier Mr. hanson is my father. It’s Rex. Please, sit down. Get comfortable.