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of rabbis as old and male, right? I don’t think or age is important. Not in love or as a rabbi. Regarding which issues are you not liberal? That’s pigeonholing. But with regard to some rituals. Such as? Such as the circumcision of male offspring. Hello. Simon, right? Please sit. What’s written on the cards? Do you already speak that much Hebrew? Of course. Tell me, does it look odd if I am up there holding the cards like in a catholic sermon? A little stiff? No, it looks very good. Very good. It’s my first parish. I’m a little nervous. It’ll certainly be great. Thank you. You know what? You remind me of someone. Did you like him? Yes very much. I realise that you didn’t decide on a woman as rabbi by chance. No. Behind that lies the deep desire for innovation. I’m glad you want to walk this demanding path. That’s what we get. There are countless of unemployed male rabbis in Eastern Europe. And who do we hire? It’s my firm belief that the external innovation is the requirement for internal innovation. That’s why I’ve thought of a joint project. A small construction project right outside. Our reader even managed to get original stones from Israel. We may pick them up at the wholesaler tomorrow at :am. I look forward to seeing you in large numbers. Everything alright? Sure. To be honest, you don’t look alright. Stop bothering her. What? Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Nothing will be flne. Simon! Leave me alone! Hello! ‘Fabienne starts to sweat stronger from the fast movements. Her clothes would have stuck to her body if she’d been wearing anything.’ I don’t want to live with dad anymore. He annoys me. I wanted to talk to you about that. You’re going away? Yes, for a reading tour. I’ll jump in for another author. I’ll read my story to different people in various places. I’ll be back for your bar mitzvah. ‘Edition Wagemut’ That’s not even a real publisher, is it? Don’t look at me like that. If I sell copies at each reading I’ll get back the printing and traveling costs. You have to believe in yourself. And especially