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Well actually, Mom, you know. Her mom’s gone. Yeah she’s gone. Gone? To Hong Kong Yes, Hong Kong! Hong Kong? She’ll be back in days Yes, she’ll come. days? But what will l do here for so many days? Why Krishna? Didn’t you take us around your village when we came there? Now we’ll show you our city. This is your apartment. This is your living room. This is your bedroom And these clothes are foryou This is your cell phone. lt has all our numbers. You can call us anytime. But why can’t l live with you in your house, Priya? Well. Because mom. .is not around Yes! Mom’s not around wouldn’t be proper Hey! My phone is ringing! lt says ‘Mama’ how do l take the call? Looks like l gave you my cell phone by mistake, Excuse me. Hello Priya, l have good news! l’ve found a boy foryou. l’m busy right now. l’ll call you later, Mama. lt was your mom’s call? Let me say hello to her. No, it wasn’t mom lt was my uncle. l could’ve said hello to him. Does he live here too? Yes. No! He lives in lndia. l see, where in lndia? Krishna, we’ve got to go to office. We’ll give you her uncle’s address later. with pin code. But we’ve got to leave now. Bye! Bye!- Bye How many lies do we have to speak to cover up one lie? The excuse of an uncle saved us today! Tomorrow it’ll be an aunt! There is no dearth of relatives. Relax! Did you see his eyes? They were full of love and trust. Honey, l can’t do this! l can’t hurt Krishna anymore. Hurt? He’s going to become a celebrity thanks to you. And we’ll get a promotion. And even if he gets to know, a small lie is not going to hurt him What happened? You? How did you get here from the th floor? l took the stairs. Stairs? Actually, Priya, l’ve got something foryou. What? l’ll go get the car ok? Close your eyes. Priya, why do you widen your eyes whenever l ask you to close them? Open them now May l put it on yourfinger? Give me your hand Looks nice? Yes, now it looks nice. Okay bye.- Bye What happened? l’ll tell you later, lets go! No money- Okay Brother! Thank you. You’re welcome Kristian Xuan Zhong Min Lee What?