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Reflections No, no. The blind woman and Roper were shot at close range with a silenced.. Just one shot each. He’s very sure of himself. I’d say the same man killed all . Nobody ever sees him come in or go out. May I speak now? Jesus Christ, speak. I told you he was dumb. Bureau made his print. No ? Carlos Scarelli, alias Billy Score. He’s years old. I didn’t see it. I don’t care. Great reputation. Slave trade. Little girls. They Game buy them, kidnap them, then they break them down Game drugs, rape, whatever the hell it takes Game then they sell them. They sell them? Who is they? They is him and his brother Albert Scarelli. Albert, he’s been out of sight for about years, but we got his ass, Sharky. You got the name. That’s all you got. How about a face? Hey, a face. The guy on the left. Where? Let me see it. Will you Game I didn’t see it. I don’t give a . That’s fantastic, fantastic. Look at this. Which one is it? Which guy? He’s the guy on the left. This picture’s about years old. You make him, Sharky? I don’t make him. OK, he’s been in town about a month, right? He’s probably still here. You guys got more hours, then I turn it over to Homicide. I’ll call you at home, Sharky. I’ll be at her place. Whose place? Dominoe’s. Oh, yeah? Is your figure Less than Greek? Is your mouth A little weak When you open it To speak? Are you smart? But Don’t Change a hair for me Not If you care for me Stay Little valentine Stay What the hell are you doing here? Tiffany? Tiffany, where are you? I’m back Where is she? Tiff let you in, didn’t she? Well? What are you doing here? I was about to ask you the same question. Well, I’m glad you can talk. But if you don’t get out now, I’m gonna have to call the police. I am the police. Oh, yeah? Sharky. Vice. A woman was killed here yesterday. We thought it was you. What? You said Tiffany. Was that the woman’s name? Was that the woman’s name that stayed here yesterday? Tiffany? Tiffany. You sure it was Tiffany? No, I’m not. But somebody was here. Couldn’t you have taken it off the goddamn wall?