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I imagine it felt scary having to meet you, not knowing what you’d do to her. I’m only speaking for myself, but if I had to guess, maybe that’s why. Look, I spoke to Linda on the phone before coming here. So if you tell me I was mean to you, then I give in completely. Because Game I know I could be a bit of a windup back then. So if you say I was nasty to you, then I hold my hands up. You weren’t at the latest reunion. Was that a deliberate decision? I wasn’t Game I never got an invitation. Sure you did. No. You must have. I didn’t. Why would I make it up? Really? Who was in charge of the invites? We Game I was the one who arranged it all. I was there discussing it with them. Who? Me, Louise and Linda We met up, and then called the ones they were in touch with Game Linda claims she didn’t help plan the party. That’s bizarre because Game I don’t remember exactly, but Game I think it was Louise who was meant to contact you. I heard that she’d Game got in touch with you but you’d said you were too busy. This was back when you were in the media a lot. Because she Game I never spoke to her. I don’t think you Game Maybe that’s the case. I can’t speak for Louise. Henrik first agreed to come here, and then he backed out. Why do you think that was’? I couldn’t say Game Henrik is Game He came by my workplace and he’s like, “Hey there, you big pussy!” What’? Yeah! That was his opener. And I felt, No, no way Game She was cute. She was a wreck. A little weird, but cute. Funny. Cute? Don? know about that Game Which one is me’? Him, Niklas. That one. OK. Game When we told her I was in love with her. You did that? And I can do it again. Did that really happen’? Did Game someone really trick you into believing they were in love with you’? Yes, several times, all the way through school. Really? Did I do that too’? Yes, you were also involved. That’s tragic. It really is Game I just don’t get it. Anna Game Hi, Anna, it’s Christopher. Hi there! Is it a bad time? No, not at all. Ok, good.