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Arlimber creek and Mill Road junction. Aah! You missed the turn. Wendell, Hold on to the steering wheel, Wendell. The police are after us. [knock on door] Open up, it’s the sheriff. Open up, I said, Or I’ll tear it down! All right, all right. I’m coming. He ain’t here, is he? Is he?! Don’t you wake up my baby. Search that room. You can’t come in here like that. You ain’t got no right coming in my house– I knew it. He ain’t here. Oh game Out of my way, lady. You’d better get out of my house. Ah! Oh game You’re here. Didn’t my wife tell you We was taking a bath, Sheriff Cotton? I’m sorry. I game Sorry. Excuse me. The engine of his cab Ain’t even warm, sheriff. He wouldn’t use his personal car, Stupid idiot! Let’s go. Come on. What are you doing in my bath water? I slipped. Don’t you fix your mouth to lie. You ain’t sweet-talking your way out of this. Mary, would I lie to you? Well, I’m trying to explain to you. I can explain anything to you. Now, come here. Come on. Let me have it right here. It breaks my heart That you don’t believe me. Oh! Mary? Oh, Mary, this is it! Oh, wendell! maybe tomorrow will bring us the things we’ve been dreaming of but for tonight, you will be my love Oh, wendell! Floyd, let me talk to Cotton. Sheriff, it’s for you. Buck? He just went by here doing . All right, everybody! Let’s go. Come on. Hurry it up. All right. Get ready. So long, sheriff! You sure know your stuff. They’re right behind us. Pull off the road. Let’s get them. Come on. All right. Let’s go. Get your ass out of there! Oh, my god. It’s Mayor Dupree. Oh, shit! Cotton! Cotton! I’m sorry, sir. I had no idea– Sorry! What are you doing out here? Let me help you, sir. Why–why are you here? I can’t understand why you’re here. You’ll never hear the end of this. You’ll never hear the end of this. I’ll have your badge for this! Your fly’s open, sir. I know my goddamn fly’s open! I’m going to get you, You bastard! Five years game I’ve been trying to catch Wendell Scott. So far we have impounded one ‘ buick With no license or registration,