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Rock Paper Scissors Adventure It’s called a book. You may have seen one on television. Fellas, the ball’s over here. Thank you very much. Don’t pay any attention to them. Sooner or later, they’ll all be gone. Oh, yes, but this book Game Will be important Game Forever. Guard. Hey, Gube. Heard you brought a breakfast tray up to the lookouts in west hall. Yeah. What room were they in? They were in the infirmary. How many? Two. What kind of stuff do they have? What do you mean? What stuff? Guns, grenades. That kind of stuff. They had tons of it. All kinds. A big machine gun. Wait a minute. I’m not gonna get in trouble for this, am I? Don’t be a wuss. Describe the machine gun. Why don’t you send your troops in there and shoot the sons of bitches? You are crazy. Just shut up. Did you realize that the head of the New Jersey mafia Game Is here in this room? I see him. Knowing that, you let him send his son to your school? Of course. It’s not the boy’s fault who his father is. Game the F.B.I. advises parents to pay the ransom. Why don’t you just give the guy what he wants? In the first place, the F.B.I. Has no such policy. But beyond that, your sons haven’t been kidnapped. They’re being held hostage by a gang of terrorists. As we know, it’s United States policy Game Not to accede to terrorist demands. That policy is gonna have to change. We’ll go to the white house if we have to! My family isn’t rich. We don’t have influence at the white house. My son is on a full scholarship to the school. So is mine. We should talk to the press. Why should our kids suffer alongside the rich kids? Nobody should go to the white house. Nobody should talk to the press. I know how much of a strain this is, but you could be putting your sons in even greater danger. So please, let the experts handle this. Back outside now, please. Beyond saying there is an adequate number, I’m not prepared to comment. Are the hostages safe at this time? The hostages are obviously in a very dangerous situation Game And will be so until they are released. Everybody’s accounted for.