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And he wound up, an awardwinning poet. You girls, just.. given a college education, taken for granted, no doubt. Where did you wind up? What did you do? What did you do? Who are you? Jesus! Jesus, you worked as hard as us, you’d all be President. You never had real problems. So, you got to make all your problems yourselves. Why are you screaming at us? Just time we had some truth’s told ’round here. Damn fine day, to tell the truth. Well, the truth is Game I’m getting full. Amen. There’s dessert, too. She baked pies. They look so lovely. I got a truth to tell. It speaks. What is it, son? I have a truth. Little Charles Game ? I.. Charles, not like this, please Game The truth is Game I forgot to set the clock. The power didn’t go out, I I Game forgot to set the clock. Sorry, Mom. I’m sorry, everyone. Excuse me Game I Game just.. Scintillating. I gave up a long time ago Game Little Charles is your project now. Charles. His name is Charles. Poor Ivy. Poor baby. Please, Mom Game She’s always had a feeling for the underdog. Don’t be mean to me right now, okay? I am not.. Everyone’s got this idea.. I’m mean all of a sudden. Please, momma. I’m just telling the truth. You’re a drug addict. That is the truth! That’s what I’m getting at! Hey, everybody. Everybody listen Game I am a drug addict. I love drugs. Specially, pills, specially downers. Y’see these little blue babies? These are my best Game ing friends, ..and they never let me down. Try to get ‘em away from me; I’ll eat you alive. Gimme those goddamn pills.. I’ll eat you alive, girl! Holy shit! Barbara, stop it. Hey, now, c’mon! Give that to me! Goddamn you Game goddamn you.. Sit down. Okay. Pill raid. Remember this? Remember how it goes? Search everything! Every closet Game Every drawer, every shoebox. Karen, call Dr. Burke. You can’t do this! This is my house! This is my house! You don’t get it, do you? You don’t get it. I’M RUNNING THINGS NOW! Why’d Dr. Burke write her so many prescriptions?