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Taller, Your Highness. Taller? Shall I just shake hands with him? He might kiss your hand. Let him kiss your hand. Yes. Don’t ask any more questions. Now, hold yourself up. Shoulders back. Look at me. Now. Why aren’t you in full dress? To meet a couple of country cousins? To meet the girl you’re going to marry. But I’m not. The throne must have an heir. The throne has an heir. Yes, but you won’t live forever. And if you don’t marry and have a son, I must. Please do. Which of your lovers do you propose to make an honest man? Hold your tongue and do as you’re told! I won’t. You will marry the Princess Anhalt-Zerbst! I’m off! You’ll stay where you are! I won’t marry her, and you can do whatever you like about it! Peter! Peter! Your heart. Your Majesty! Quick, the doctor! Bring some vinegar. What is it? I think I’d better inquire, madam. What happened? The empress fainted. The grand duke doesn’t want to marry the girl. A family scandal. He doesn’t want her. Murmuring Her Majesty has fainted, and His Highness has retired to his apartment. I’ll, uh I’ll try to find out what has happened. Excuse me. It’s all over. We can pack our bags. Why? The grand duke doesn’t want you. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps you’re not good-looking enough. But, Mother, he’s not even seen me. Man Chattering, Faint Bestujhev! Go to the grand duke and tell him he either marries the Princess Anhalt-Zerbst at once or he thinks it over in a fortress. In six months time I will ask him again. I’ll see the empress. This marriage is her idea. She must bring this young man to reason. Oh, no, Mother. You won’t do that. You can’t force him to marry me. Oh, no. Please, let’s go home. Let’s go home immediately, I beg of you. I’ll see the empress. Mother. Mother, please! I won’t stay, Mother. Offiicer! Offiicer! Please show me the way out. Out where? Out! Out of the palace. Out of the town. Out of the whole barbarian country. Why? What’s happened? He insulted me! Who? The Grand Duke Peter. Oh, that fellow. You know him? Oh, yes, I know him. Oh, then perhaps you know why he refuses