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Rocket Ride in the desert by something, well Games Well, it almost seemed like selfloathing. She took to wearing a veil as if to hide herself from prying eyes. Why, um Games Why is the earring so important? About a fortnight ago, she came here to see me. She was crying. She said she was Games she was frightened of what was happening to her. What was happening to her? I don’t know. I’m not sure. Anyway, she left, and she dropped that earring. Stephen, I haven’t seen her since. Well, perhaps Mr Witley knows. My husband says he knows nothing. Stephen, it’s because of all these things that I had to be sure of you. You are my one hope for Susan. Take her away from here as soon as you can. Tomorrow. The next day. You must promise me. My husband may not allow me to speak to you again. I must have your promise now. What did you talk about? What? Oh! You. I want you to know, I have the parental blessing. Well, half of it, anyway. My room’s supposed to be down here. I’ll show you. This is the room. I’ll have Merwyn bring up your case. Susan, how long has your mother been like that? Ill, you mean? Well, that and the uh, darkened room, shaded bed. Not long. She’s been worse the past few days. And the doctor’s forbidden her to have any visitors? No, she hasn’t seen a doctor. Father wants to look after her himself. And what about Helga? Helga? Why all these questions? Your mother’s very concerned about her. She’s disappeared. Susan, what’s going on here? I don’t know, Steve. What else did you and Mother talk about? Come here. Your mother did ask whether my intentions were honourable. Are they, Steve? What do you think? You shouldn’t have invited Reinhart here. You’re a difficult woman, Letitia. No. Not difficult. Only afraid. Oh, so that’s it, huh? The sins of the fathers, huh? Well, let me warn you, nothing is going to deter me from my purpose. Yes, that’s what Corbin said. He’s dead, Letitia. He’s been dead for a long time. If there was evil, it’s buried with him. All that remains of Corbin is a few harmless objects in the cellar.