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Room design 2 Come on! I was lounging? I just got the baby to sleep. So why’s the idiot box blaring if she’s asleep? Know why? Because I run around like an idiot all day and now I need to tune out. So tune it out. And my relaxing evening is over. Some people are colorblind, but every cell in your body that is capable of noticing a mess has atrophied. Help out by taking off your shoes. I’ll stick to the floor if I do. Listen here: Other moms are on maternity leave but I have to work. You call that work? A sweetshop with no customers? It’s a lemon of a business that eats up more than I earn. But I like it. Is it so hard to imagine that I might enjoy it? You’re having a shitfit just because you had to take Ema out. Roman? Roman? It’s .! Will it be a boy or a girl today? Just try to relax, okay? Do you need to sleep? No, I can sleep in tomorrow. Roman? Bye. Rome Honey, offer Dino some radishes at least. Don’t you want to take them with us? We should get moving. It’s terrible how long we’re taking. Would you like a nonalcoholic beer? I’m not holding things up. I’ll wait downstairs. Have a beer at least. Dino wants to wait downstairs, darling. Awake, flower so fair, scent the dale, the woods awake. She loves me, a girl so fair, I could melt for happiness sake. Brook, babble so gently, and waft her flowers there, But, birds, fly down to me, I sing today without a care. Someone has Game Game a birthday today, and we have but one thing to say: Happiness, health, happiness, health Game But mainly health, Vanda! Thank you. She has a birthday every year Game This is a recipe from Anna’s greatgrandma. She cooked for the czar, so maybe Anna’s got blue blood. Really? Hey, you’re right. He’s right. Was this Czar Nicholas’s last meal? And the muzhiks got the leftovers. Hey, it’s delicious. If you made this for the bakeshop people might come. Is it hard to make? A little. No! Work: We can’t have that. No! Don’t worry, little hands, no hard work for you. That’s right. I’ll go offer the driver some cake; I am the hostess after all. I’m crazy about this cake.