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Right? But never mind. New ove coming. Yes, thank you. You can te a this by my nose, huh? No, no. I can te it from the young ady. And the way you ook at each other. You’re good. Oh, no. A right. We , thank you. Good. I you have a beautifu nose, as we , sir. Thank you. Much money. Here. Yeah. Good. For the birds. Okay? For the birds. Okay. A right. Aw, thank you very much. Thank you. I’ be back when I’m. Thank you. And see if you’re right. Good uck. What? So you were engag once. Okay. There it is. Ten minutes. I knew you were gonna ask me. What happened? I mean, we don’t have to ta k about it I don’t i don’t care. I’ ta k about it. We were young, and stupid. We met right after graduation, and we got engag three weeks ater. Yeah. She was an American it major. So we we took a day trip up to s eepy ho ow and I got one one knee, right on Washington Irving’s grave. Aw. That’s impu sive and weird y romantic. Yep. Then she cheat on me, with my friend. I’m rea y sorry Radio No, it’s it’s that’s awfu. Actua y, it’s fine. It a work out for the best. You know, i came here for a job, I was on y suppos to be here for a year. Sounds fami iar. years ater. Cou d I end up here for that ong? We , you never know, yeah, i guess you don’t. Oops. Is he trying to Skype you? Sorry. No, no, it’s just my out ook reminder for a Skype ca ater. Wait, your what? I know, I know. It’s pretty dorky. But he ikes to send me an out ook reminder for our Skype dates. Wow, that’s uh because it makes him happy to see it in his ca endar, so Radio We , I guess that’s pretty sweet. Yeah. It is rea y sweet. So how ong have you and Greg been, uh um, five years, on and off. So, when we met you were off, again. Obvious y. Hey, I don’t know. What’s next for you two? Oh, sorry. Yeah, no worries. My turn. He o? Hey. Yeah. I’m sorry, I’m gonna be there. I just got caught up with something. Okay. Okay. Coming. Sorry. Bye. Sam? No. It was my friends they’re they’re musicians they’re p aying at this itt e spot over in Hong Kong. Oh. Do you want to come? No thanks.