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Room design You deserve flowers. That’s not yours. Thank you. Change the center of gravity Game Someone has a birthday today, and we have but one thing to say: Happiness, health Game Flambé! Water, water! A little vodka can’t hurt. It’s burning. Take it away! Seen Johana? She’s downstairs. Why do you think we’re up here? I bet she’s tired. Why not sleep here? I want to show Johana our new flat. She can’t wait. Have you moved in? What’s it like? It’ll be beautiful. I want it ready for the little one. Will you come for the christening? It’ll be at Brevnov Monastery. Johana is really excited. Sure. Prevor will be pleased. That’s great. I wanted to ask Roman to be godfather. Now I’m asking you. Would you be godfather, Jirka? Gladly. Thanks. Next time. I don’t believe it! The baby isn’t Ivan’s. It’s someone else’s. Who else have you told? No one. Just you. Why me? Who else? But please, Vanda, promise you won’t tell anyone. Not even Jirka. No, no one Game I promise. Promise! God, I promise. Promise me. Burning the midnight oil? Oh, hi. Are you tired, honey? No, not at all. Would you like to sleep here? No, Dino’s waiting outside. And I want to show Johana the new place. Shall we go, darling? Sure. Are things good for you and Jirka, too? Yeah. That’s good. Thanks for everything. I’m glad to hear it. Shall we go? Yes. Bye. Bye. Rome Tea? Thanks. Sure. How about a roll or some bread? A roll with jam. A roll, butter. Fig jam is great with a slice of cheese. No, jam is enough. Try it with cheese. No, no cheese. Honey, how do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it? Fine. Thanks. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks. Honey will be having our little bug at home. Aha. But this is our home. Our home? Yes, our home. I’m glad we’ll be raising our little bug in Prague. Let’s have some banana. Hi. Hi. You’re welcome. Are you nuts? Is there a working sugar dispenser? You call this normal? I am normal. You used to be cleaner. Isn’t it weird to go pawing through my dirty underwear? Slob. What? I don’t like wading through dirty laundry every evening.