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Rufus Snow Adventure All right, number seven across. Seven across. Seven across. A threeletter word for $ game All right, seven down. Seven down. Give me the definition, in three words, of a river in central China. I know this. Central China. Fifteen seconds game Ten seconds left. Han. HAN. That’s absolutely right, Charlie. Congratulations. All right, the next choice, please. Seventeen across. Seventeen across is a fourletter word, which means $. This is a fluffy mass, as in smoke. A fluffy game Are you going to be all right, man? Yo. Yeah. You sure? Yeah. I got it. I got it. I game I tell you, man, you better take it easy. A fluffy mass game I’m sorry. You take care, man. Large? I want my money. It’s still my money. If you want a chance to have any part of it, shithead, you will take my bet for $, on tomorrow’s game. What about the money you owe me from yesterday’s game? game yesterday’s game! The series is seven games, not six! Put in my bet! I’ll think about it. There’s nothing to think about. Either you put in my bet, or you get nothing. Really? Yeah. Really, I’m no game ing asshole. I’m a game ing cop! All right. You meet me tomorrow in front of the Garden, rd and th. You bring your cash, I’ll bring mine. There we go. It’s a beautiful vein. All right. In it goes. Vampires are lucky. They can feed on others. We got to eat away at ourselves. We got to eat our legs so we got the energy to walk. We got to come so we can go. We got to suck ourselves off. We got to eat away at ourselves till there’s nothing left but appetite. We give and give, and give crazy. You have to give to make sense? Ain’t worth it. Jesus said times . No one will ever understand why game Why you did it. They’ll just forget about you tomorrow, but you got to do it. Hershiser leans in for the sign. Ease to the belt. His pitch to Bonilla. Ball, outside. Orel Hershiser does not have his good stuff. He has struggled the entire four innings. Dwight Gooden leads off third. Vince Coleman on first, dancing back and forth, trying to distract Hershiser, who’s having enough