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Ruin Escepe which is a film with a dreadful vision of the world and the evil in it, but at the same time, we experience it with a kind of Christian mildness that I find extraordinary. Mr. François Reichenbach. I’ve always liked the tone of Bresson’s films, but this time I was even more moved, because there were even fewer words than usual. So each word came as a shock, but that shock was just as it had to be. First and foremost, I’m a musician, so I loved this film as a musician. I loved its silence, which made the sound stand out, which helped the music, and the music let the words speak. I think it’s a film that should be seen by people who usually only see films by Chaplin or Jacques Tati, people who go to the movies once a year. My grandfather was like that. He’d never go, or he’d see a film by Chaplin or Tati. This film is the world. In or minutes, we see the world from childhood to death and everything in between. I think it’s absolutely incredible. Bresson’s never gone further in terms of minimalism and shunning effects. You could say the film is far ahead of its time. You could also say it’s timeless. In any case, it’s essential. Essential to Bresson and for Bresson. What had previously only been expressed through poetry and literature, Bresson has expressed through cinema. We could say that cinema before him was a parasite. It lived off the other arts. With him, film comes into its own. It stands alone. Of all the films I’ve seen, this one most resembles solitary, and thus true, creation, Of all the films I’ve seen since I began going to the movies. The title comes from my desire to give the donkey a Biblical name. So I named him after one of the Three Wise Men. The title itself is the motto of the nobles of Baux game who claimed to be heirs of the Mage Balthazar. Their motto was “Au Hasard Balthazar.” I like the rhyme in the title, and I like the way it fits the subject exactly. Au hasard Balthazar is about our anxieties and desires game when faced with a living creature who’s completely humble, completely holy, and happens to be a donkey