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Ah, I have a premonition. An ugly premonition. Why’s the room so cheerful? Oh, ! It’s a morgue here! What’s wrong? Problems? All this for francs a day! What do you want? It’s our life. Hey you, do you have a mother? Do I have a mother!? Naturally, my child. A saint! Well there’s a call for you from her on the phone in the office. Come on, my dear, hurry up. I’m late? You are. What’s wrong, my dear? Your rouge isn’t staying on. Are you cold? No, Madame Martelli. Have you eaten? Yes, a little. A little! I think you’re quite thin, for some time. You’re not in love, I hope? Oh no, Madame Martelli, not that! I’ve seen so many kids like you. What I’m saying is to take care of yourself. Don’t lose weight, or they’ll drop you like a pancake. Yes, madame Martelli. Understand? I tell you it’s me. Talk! This must be delivered. Otherwise we’re ed, all of us. Little Lou nearly croaked. At the hospital he told everything they wanted. Little Lou, from Bordeaux. So watch out tonight at the exit! you’ll be followed. Thanks for calling, doctor. I hope the night will be less bad. Good bye, doctor. Good bye. So, good news? It Games could be better. Yeah Games The Commissioner of the th speaking: The person who’ll give a packet to the person with a Spanish newspaper shall be arrested. Ah, you’re here! So? Did you like it? Oh yes! And thanks a lot for the ticket. I had a good seat. An orchestra seat In the th row. You had a good time? Oh yes, it was very good. But Games I didn’t like your dresses. I don’t either. Waiter! I have to compliment you. You’re exactly on time, exactly. Not at all like an artist-. I don’t take myself for an artist either- And I don’t have the vocation. Want to exchange professions with me? Right away. You could never get up at a.m., at a.m. to work. For the feed in the stable. Open the hen house. Feed them. Change their water. Grind the coffee. Make a fire. Wash the dishes. Saw some wood. And gather the eggs. In the afternoon water the livestock. Bring in the hay. Clean the hutches. And at evening bring in the animals.