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Oh, now, no, no. Not you, Narishkin. You are far too busy with your military pursuits. Pursuits, Your Highness? Yes. The pursuit of the girl in the fiower shop, for instance. Laughing Teaching her the use of arms, I suppose and practicing falling in. Regiment Laughing Oh, Peter! What a charming surprise. Won’t you join us? I want to talk to you. Very well. I shall be free about :. You’re coming now. Right. When I’ve said good-bye to my guests. Good-bye, gentlemen. I’m sorry to leave you. Good-bye, Kossinsky. Good-bye, gentlemen. Good-bye. Good-bye, Narishkin. Oh, Borodin! You are taking me to the opera tonight. Please don’t forget. Good-bye, gentlemen. You are hurting me! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Why? Your behavior. It’s a scandal! I don’t know what you are talking about. About your lovers. Oh, my lovers! Yes, your lovers. You must have had half a dozen in one regiment. Half a dozen? Well, I dare say a dozen. Oh, to be exact, . Seventeen? Yes. What’s this? You gave this woman a regiment. Do you know what she does with it? She’s just fiung it in my face that she’s had lovers in two years! Seventy? No, . But I don’t know what it’s all about. Haven’t I complied with his wishes? Haven’t I lived for two years apart from him quietly, discreetly? I don’t know why he makes such a terrible fuss now. There’s a limit to shamelessness, even at this court! I demand that you send her back where she came from. You demand? Well, if you don’t, I’ll take the law into my own hands. That will do, Peter. Wait here for my decision. Catherine. How many did you say? Seventeen. Seventeen. Are you sure? Not or ? No. Seventeen. Who was the first? I can’t remember now. But you remember the last. Yes. Narishkin. No. Uh, I mean Alexei Borodin. Oh. Laughing Come here. Sit down. Tell a man as many lies as you like but never try to lie to a woman in matters of love. You haven’t had one lover yet, Miss Catherine. Chuckling But you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. The method was right. Every beast of a man begins to want you when he thinks you belong to some other beast of a man.