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Run Baby Run Time Sergeant, first apologize to Mr. chow. To him? Wait a minute! Aren’t you the one who ordered those men to try and kill me? Captain, the colonel will be informed. I want this man reprimanded. Sergeant! You are harboring a murderer! I want you to apologize to him! Your career is at stake here. You’re simply disobeying me outright. So be it, then! I quit! I’ll never become a policeman. Disrespectful scum! Stop it! All of you, stay where you are! You take the credit. We got our man. Dragon. Is that any way to greet an old pal? I’m back! Come on. Don’t be like that. Just because you’re in trouble again, is that my fault? What do you know about it? Oh, it’s not hard to put it together. Plainclothes officers entering a club that’s known for harboring gangsters game Always equals trouble. So does seeing you here. Don’t be so high and mighty. Since you joined the force, I’ve gone straight. So it’s okay for you to be seen with your old pal fats. There are people who will be happy to hear you’ve quit. Such as? Figure it out. You stumbled right into it. Go on. All right, that mission was top secret, sure, but they still managed to blow up your boats. Blind chance. No. Hey, the pirates’ weapons, they’re coming from someone inside the force. Read all about it! The pirate bombers have struck again! Three men dead, twentyfour injured! Read all about it! Read all about it! The pirate bombers have struck again! How can you be sure? Because it’s too easy. Is there something you’re not telling me? Hey. Come on, now. Who’s selling those weapons? I found that there are four types of people in the world game Rich, poor, cops and thieves. I can’t seem to become a rich man, but I don’t like being poor either. The cops don’t want me, so that leaves only the thieves. And since you’re my friend, I’ll try to be a good thief. Let’s compromise. I get the weapons, not the pirates. You catch the traitor. Got a plan? Already worked out. Untie the rope! Go down below. It looks about right. Captain, I think you’ll find these rifles to your liking.