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Hazel. Right. “Birth date: two, nine…” She’s . She’s saying something again. Ls she up? She might be. I don’t know. Hey- You’re up. Hi. How are you feeling? Nothing’s broken, is it? We took your boots off. So you could sleep. Are you all right? Want us to call the infirmary? No. She speaks. We should take her to the infirmary. She just said no. Where am I? You’re in my room. It’s my room. I’ll call the infirmary. Cooke, Jesus, she just said no. I think I’d like to sit down. Sure. Where’s my horse? We’re not sure. Cooke, why don’t you go get her something to eat? Get her a sandwich. Now? Ls that what you want? Are you hungry? Not really. Get her some soup. Why don’t we flip to see who goes? All right, I’m going. If they don’t have soup, are doughnuts OK? Doughnuts are fine. Go. So. What’d you do? I fell off my horse. Why didn’t you want to go to a doctor? Ls that what I said? I don’t remember that. I’m not surprised. Why? What else did I say? You said… you didn’t want to go home. Did I? Yeah. You know, it sounded like you must have done something. Mrs Patty Va re? Did you steal something? What? Did you kill someone? What are you talking about? The perfect crime. But then it started to heat up so you had to get out. What are you saying? I don’t know. It was just an idea. I guess I was just hoping… Someone like you in the middle of a field, all alone. I get to rescue a fugitive or something. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Don’t apologise. You’re not a disappointment. What’s your name? Louise. Louise? Can you hang on a minute? Who is it? Murphy. Open up! I can’t right now. What the hell is that supposed to mean? It means you can’t come in. Baker, open the door or I’m getting Hunt. Whoa. She’s up. What do you want? Ls she all right? She’s fine. It’s a good thing she woke up. Murphy- She could’ve died on you, bud. What’s your name? Louise. Get the hell outta here. Are you hungry? She’s not hungry. Do you live around here? Leave her alone! You leave her alone, dude. How about a cigarette? Hey! Ow! Stop it! Excuse us for just a second.