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Run Hamster, Run 2 Whom does he presume to represent? Well, sir, I’m trying to save a newspaper. Which is not yours in the first place. That is true. The day consists of a big building. I don’t own that. It also consists of typewriters, teletypes, presses, newsprint, ink and desks. I don’t own those either. But this newspaper is more than that. We’re all aware of what a newspaper consists. I’m not so sure about that. The Day is game more than a building. It’s people. It’s men and women whose skill, heart, brains and experience game make a great newspaper possible. We don’t own one stick of furniture in this company. But we, along with the , people who read this paper, Have a vital interest in whether it lives or dies. This is highly irregular procedure. So is the murder of a newspaper! Aren’t you carrying this a bit too far? The death of a newspaper sometimes has farReaching effects. Meaning your own pocketbook in this case. In this case, Meaning some unfinished business called Rienzi. If you read the day, you’d know what I mean. I don’t care to discuss Mr. Rienzi. This newspaper does! This doesn’t concern us here today. It concerns the public every day. A newspaper, as Mr. White will agree, Is published first, last and always in the public interest. Yours is not the only newspaper in town. Right now, it’s the only newspaper willing to expose Rienzi. Your honor. An honest, fearless press game is the public’s first protection against gangsterism, Local or international. Mr. Hutcheson, though a surrogates court is informal, There are certain rules and procedure. May we have your decision now, sir? As one of your , readers, Mr. Hutcheson, I rule that game you may proceed with your statement. Thank you, sir. But let’s try to keep this from becoming a personal matter, please. Well, a newspaper’s a very personal matter, sir. Ask the people who let us in their homes. I’ve read the day for more than years. Before that, I sold it in the streets. However, here we’re only concerned game With the legal aspect of the sale and purchase of property.