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Sack Race Time 4 Okay, let’s go. Come on. Come on. Go. My father sent me to a school that looked a lot like this one. A military academy in Pennsylvania. Perhaps you’ve heard of it the Armitage school? Uh, yeah, I think so. You really have no sense of discipline, do you? Look, I’m sorry about the shower thing. I promise Oh, shit. This is how they taught me discipline, Oh, shit. And believe you me, I learned. This basement the kid is talking about, it’s not on the plans. It exists. I’ve been in it. There used to be a building right here behind where the kitchen is. That’s a subbasement in that building. There’s no building directly above it then. That’s right. So if the hostages were in the basement Game And the buildings blew up, they’d probably survive. That building was built in . They built to last back in those days. What about the explosives? It’s interesting what the kid says about switching the chips in the remote control receiver. Could it work? It’s very possible. I wouldn’t wanna take the responsibility for letting the kid try this, but it could work. Take it easy. It’s over. Washington has authorized me to make a deal. What are we giving them? Whatever it takes to get the hostages free. We have a shot at a successful assault here. We know the location of every terrorist. The kid can get the other students out of the line of fire. What kid? This kid has been kicked out of two schools. No, three schools. Three schools. Come on. All of this is unreliable. Well, that’s not really true. I may not rely on Billy getting to class on time, but I would rely on this. Why? Because he’s got guts. He’s a leader. You can see that he’s, uh, thought this thing through. Now, if Billy says he can do it, I gotta believe he can. If everything goes perfect, could we guarantee no casualties among the hostages? Guarantee? No, of course not. Then our orders are to cut a deal. That’s unacceptable. The demands in my letter must be followed exactly. I’ll have to go back to my superiors. We’ll need time to discuss this. I understand. In recognition of your