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Perhaps here she will leave me in peace. What happens now? We cannot do anything without her meddling in it. Mom does not like to see you drink, Marcos. What she doesn’t like is to see us spend money. She keeps us all in her hand. Subordinate to her, even to buy cigarettes. Yes, it is pathetic. With all that money. That’s not your business. Why not? I may not be his son, my darling Radio Momma. The , why she’s not dying? This is a good solution. You’re going? Gonzalo just called me. He insists that I go visit his house. It’ll be night soon. What will Marcos say? Nothing. When was he interested in what I’m doing? Where is she going, Mom? To the Santianne house. I will come tonight. The hour is approaching. Good evening. Welcome to my home. And in my time. As you can see, time here has stopped. This is fantastic. It was not like this when we were kids and when we came to spy. You are a strange man Gonzalo. I’d just say different. It is here that the Princess Fausta Radio celebrated its orgies, right? It is also here that one night she was surprised by her husband when she had to kill one of her lovers. It’s incredible. This woman Radio Yes Radio She is the princess Fausta. As you can see, the resemblance is striking. It just lacks the necklace so that it is perfect. If you’ll permit me. This painting is the major work of the painter Serenelli. An exceptional artist. He was prosecuted as a sorcerer. They said he held captive the souls of his models in his paintings. You see, Lucia Radio You are both very different. And yet the same person. Good and evil come together over time. Let’s toast to the meeting. I do not like this wine. It is very old. Tastes have changed. Leave it. Your life goes down the road, goes back in time Radio goes back in time Radio She’s waiting for you. A forgotten life must return. You will be the bridge. Travel through the centuries to meet the Princess Fausta. To our meeting through the ages. By bringing together the black year and the princess that you were a miracle happened. You’re finally with me Fausta.