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there was just dead ends and false information and rumors and people being scared of talking because they had a suspicion of who maybe was responsible, and they didn’t want to get entangled in it. Phil Balboni offered to stand up a security team to try to find Jim. So all these people were trying so hard to get in place, but it was a very, very chaotic, confusing time. You’re on eggshells, you’re just waiting to hear. It’s exhausting and I know Jim felt guilty for that and I’m not trying to make him feel more guilty, but it’s just… It’s just a toll that’s taken by the families. What were the hurdles getting White House and FBI involved? It’s very tough to get action, and I understand that, you know, the world is a big place, and so I actually felt guilty sometimes trying to not to ask too much of them. You know, Jim made this decision, you know, but just, just give it your best attention and we’ll trust you. That’s kind of where it started, the relationship. And then I met the first agent that came over and it was just a kid out of school and his first question to me was, had I asked the regime for assistance? Are you kidding me? I called the regime and asked them for assistance? No, I hadn’t thought of that, thank you. Thank you very much for that tip. They told us… They advised us to be quiet, because hopefully they could find him and get him out and such. So we didn’t say anything, so we went through Christmas and all that, you know, not telling anyone, but our closest family that Jim was missing. In some ways, it was better because I didn’t have to explain it. Because at times, it could feel like accusatory, like, “Well, he was in Syria.” That’s not fair, like, you don’t do that with police or firemen or something like that, who do dangerous jobs. You don’t say, “Well, you were in a fire, what did you think would happen?” My friend doesn’t need to explain why he’s a journalist. Come the new year, I couldn’t stand it. I was frantic. So we chose to go public. I appeal to the people who have Jim, to give us some information in terms of his welfare, his health?