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It was fun to see game It was like a reunion for you guys. Ansel was back in. It was just so funny how game I mean, he and Natjust love each other, and get to see all of you guys united again and making fun of each other. Yeah, we had a really special day together. But it was also great to introduce Ansel to everybody else in the cast. And I think Ansel really enjoyed meeting everybody. Ben is great there. I love that the door doesn’t close. Very dangerous. Yeah. Don’t repeat that at home. They got yelled at for doing that. Yep. Once again, Nat Wolff the driver does not wait for the passengers to close the door. He doesn’t have time. So this was a moment of big discussion around the movie. This is in the book, the “Heritage Not Hate” shirt. To be clear, the heritage of the Confederate flag is hate, and nothing else. But this is a big point of discussion because it’s in the book. But we wanted to make absolutely sure that it was clearly a, you know, “F the Confederate flag” moment instead of a moment in which Radar feels uncomfortable. And it was, there were a lot of discussions with Justice about it. In the end, we all felt pretty good about him turning the shirt inside out. And, yeah. Yeah, we wanted to game I mean, as long as we got the moment right and it was clear what we were saying like, “This is a terrible idea and a terrible thing for him to have to wear it, “that he would have to turn it inside out and F the Confederate flag, then we wanted it to stay in the movie, so it wasn’t an idea that we were shying away from. QUENTIN Mom, I’m sorry. It was super last-minute. We’re not going to New York City. We’re going to New York State. It’s way safer. Just two days. I love you, Mom. Thank you. Bye. I still can’t believe she hasn’t called. They probably don’t have phones in Agloe. She has a cell. How do we know that she’s even still in Agloe? This was one of the most fun nights to film. We stayed up all night. Are we talking about when we were on the highway or when we were in the car? The car’s on screen.