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Say The Magic Words Harry2 Well, I I read about it in the paper. She was dead three days before the papers got it. Your mother says you left the house last Saturday and didn’t come back. Sally was killed that same night. So what? I leave the house lots of times. For weeks sometimes. But not to hide out. You were afraid of Rienzi. Why? You knew he was going to Sally’s place last Saturday. I didn’t even know where she lived. Hold it. Shoot. Sally was moved from her apartment on maple avenue game by the intercity storage company four weeks ago game to the Leroy Hotel, registered under the name of, uh, Bessie Schmidt. Never left her room. She had only two visitors. Your mother and you. You were there Saturday night. I don’t remember. Maybe I was. Why did you go there? Well, I, uh game She phoned me. Yeah, that’s right. She phoned me! The desk clerk says you phoned her from the desk, : am He could be wrong! Yeah. That’s right. Somewhere out there, Rienzi’s waiting for you. Either you tell the truth, or I’ll turn you loose. No money, no protection. Okay. Throw him out. Wait. Rienzi wanted his money. They couldn’t find out where she was living. So you showed ’em. Why’d you do it? What did Rienzi promise? Well, he got me my job. I owed him some money. I couldn’t pay him. He said the favor would square us. All you had to do was put the finger on your own sister. I didn’t know what they were gonna do. I swear it. Who went with you, Rienzi? I went alone. So she wouldn’t be afraid to let you in. They came later. All you did was open the door for them. That’s all. Who’s “they”? Lefty Smith, Whitey Franks and Kid Jones. They belong to Rienzi? Except whitey. He hires out. You let ’em in. Then what? Well, they asked her for the money. She wouldn’t give, so whitey, he hit her. Then Lefty. She began to scream. She hollered for me to help her. Then whitey, he shut her up. I got scared. I couldn’t watch what they were doin’, I ran into the bathroom. I beat it out of there. That’s all I know. Honest. Yes? Mrs. Garrison’s still waiting. What’ll I tell her?