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Scary witch Koki’s baby? How many boys do you want? Boys? Give my phone back game Tell me. Tell me how many boys do you want? Give me my phone! Give his phone back. Disgusting! Payal! Yuck! Dimwit! Payal! Payal! Because of your pack trash, I’ve lost all my packs! What is all of this! Leave it! Why does Koki send such kind of people? All I wanted was to love him. Ms. Chaaya! I was coming to meet you. Wait game In order to invite people to the party, you can send an email! Face book! Messages! Cell phones! And last but not the least, the one and only, your friend, Koki. You’re cordially invited for the Tanu weds Manu wedding, please come in. Hey! Couldn’t grow a moustache and you think you can get into this party! Get of here! Man, what’s up with this, where’s Koki, man? Who’s calling me? Yes, I’m here, coming! What’s the problem, pal? Well, didn’t you know that school kids are not allowed in here? Hey, I’m not in school. Oh yeah, relax! I’m here. Alright, it’s JAT time. Come on. Come on, get out of here. JAT game Which means? Just Anderstand Time! Understand doesn’t start with an A but with a U. Just Anderstand Time U! Come on, man! Hey, Shabbir! Yes? Where’s the cash? Alright, pour the original drinks and then after a while, start diluting them. It is as bad as it gets. This ain’t a movie. You’re about to get a reality check. Devi! If you think you are gonna make it, you’ve been smoking crack. Understand what I am saying before you pack your bags. Come walk beside me and save your whole beer. So game FU game GLY. And the only thing that matters to the kids over here game Drugs, girls and liquor game You think this is sick. Well, it’s about to get sicker. , , lakhs! Just another hour or so and we go scotfree. Here comes your JAT! Hey, everyone is stressed out and you’re dressed up like a fairy? Buddy, this is an inhouse party and not some birthday party. Everyone is getting to fulfill their fantasies in this party. I want to do the same thing. And there’s an audience just for me. You won’t listen. So, do whatever you want to do.