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Well you’ll be shocked to learn that you earned , pounds from it in the last three months. My friends and I would like to purchase it from you. We have the contract ready for your signature. ruling London involved intelligence and intimidation. It’s not for sale. *chuckles* You might find that in the future there is a less polite approach. The trick was to cultivate a quiet certainty that should it be needed violence was on offer game Yeah game , and would be happily applied. Leslie Payne was a fronter and a fixer. Reggie found Payne useful, but Ron was suspicious of him. Afraid his scams were the opposite of what a gangster should be. Consider Las Vegas. Right. It is all legal and all run by the mafia. Soon, London will be the same. What with Havana gone, the mafia is moving in. Meyer Lansky has already made inquiries. Meyer Lansky? Yeah. As in the Meyer Lansky? Meyer Lansky. What, the Americans gonna try muscling us? Nah, they don’t work that way. They don’t want a war, Ron. They’re businessmen. Well, maybe I want a war, anyway. Now look, what they do want is to know who is the up and coming local firm. Cos they will colonize London by financing that firm and franchising the city. So you have to prove to the Americans that the Krays are the only gang in town. Yeah, very ing interesting. The world could be our oyster. Payne. What? You say “our” a lot, right? You say ‘our’ and you also so ‘we’ a lot. Do I? My question is game is your last name Kray? *snorts* Listen, Ron. You keep the pearls. I’m perfectly happy with the soft bits. Yeah, I bet you are. I bet you are. Reggie, I say it’s a very bad idea, this. It’s a bad idea. I say, right, that we meet these mafioso scum at London in a pub, right. We pick them up, we chop them up. We put them in their ing luggage and send em straight home away. That’s the plan. Well, I’m glad we could have this meeting. Mr. Lansky has taken an interest in the Colony Sporting Club. He has his casino people there right now. Well, Mr. Lansky might want to know that we happen to have a casino of