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Oh, there you go. I’ll put your tea down there. Oh, hang on. Barclay’s Premier League. Here’s the big question, Stan Li. Did you say “Stan Li”? Yeah. Stan Li from Guangzhou. Are you two winding me up? No, that’s not our style. Can you hear me, Stan Li? Favourite player in the Premier? Charlie Adams, Stoke City. Get the out of here. Are, are you taking the piss? EPL is crazy money, man. Charlie Adam. Four million. No ego. Team player. Tough guy. You see his goal against Chelsea from his own half? Boom! The ball flies up, over Courtois’ head. Cross the line, line. Goal! He’s not in China. He’s in the bloody takeaway down the road. You two, you’re taking the piss. Okay, Stan Li, I’ll e-mail you my best price. Top price. I’m gonna see how I get on selling these ones I’ve got, okay? So I’ll let you know. Best price, no bull . Remember, Charlie Charlie, all good money. Okay, no best price, no more trainer. No more business. No more talkie-talkie. No more… Swing low, sweet chariot Coming for to carry me home Right, Dan. Check your National Insurance Number. Yep, that’s okay. Press that button right there, Bill Gates. What, this one here? That one there, “Send.” Huh. It’s taken me bloody days to get this sorted out. Well done, son. Jobseeker’s Application done. Dan, don’t know why you’re applying for that after your heart attack. Right, now I’m printing your appeal form for Employment and Support Allowance. But you can’t appeal till they carry out a mandatory reconsideration. Is that printing out now? You mean, they could have given it to me just like that? Dan, they’ll you around, I’m warning you. Make it as miserable as possible. No accident. That’s the plan. I know dozens who have just given up. Well they’ve picked the wrong one if they think I’m gonna give up. I’m like a dog with a bone, me, son. I have a note on the screen, sir, that you’re awaiting a call from the decision maker. Jesus, minutes to hear all this again. Am I in a time warp? You can’t proceed to the appeal or the mandatory reconsideration till you have the call from the decision maker. Well, can you ask him to phone us now, because I’ve got no income. I’ve got no pension and I’ve still got the bedroom tax. I’ll make a note on my screen, sir. Well can you not give him the note now? You know, put it in his hand? This is a call centre, sir. Hey, Dylan. D’you want a shot at the screwdriver? What kills more people, coconuts or sharks? He likes bouncing that ball, doesn’t he? Pardon? That ball. He likes bouncing it, doesn’t he? Well, it started in the hostel where we had only one small room. Why d’you think he does that? I think he’s missing his friends. But he also does it when he’s angry. People never listen to him, so why should he listen to them? There you go. And we don’t need any glue, nothing like that. Now you give me a hand and we’ll stick this up. Right, you go that end and I’ll go this end. And we’ll stick this up here. Yeah? Just pass it up here. Aye, right. You do the bottom edge. That’s it. The sun heats up all the air in these bubbles…