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Scooby-Doo Fun time right? Goodbye. Don’t shoot me on my back. Why is this firing happening? I think we’ve won the elections. So, let’s fire at the opposition. So what are we waiting for? Let’s fire! Dev! Where did you get shot? Bullet passed touching my rear. Easy, I’m not dying game But tell me something game How did you get shot in the rear? What are you laughing at, man! Are you alright? Let’s go. Where are you headed? Great. Yeah! It is great, Chautala! This party of yours! Everything is pointing towards you. And now, your lifeline is in our hands. I’ll tell you something. For a second, I did get scared. The tables have turned again. One of Delhi’s bravest police officer SHO Chautala put his life on the line to expose the inhouse party. Sir, What will you like to say? I’ve been involved in this case for a long time now. There was Aggarwal’s murder case, then drugs, alcohol, prostitution. No matter what happens, I promise that I would remove the filth that is within our society. Chautala with you for you, always! Hail India! There they are game Montu, follow them with the camera. Sir! They’ve been arrested, we’re bringing them in. Montu! Point the camera at them game Make haste! Fast! Take this shot game Bring the cloth! Come forward! Come here! Sir, one minute game Speak up Sir, I didn’t get that shot of you putting the cloth over his face. Can you please do it again? Have you come to my wedding? It will look good on TV! You’ll be a star as well, sir game Get the camera ready then! Come here! Stand still and let them shoot! Hey you! You didn’t feel horrible before turning into a dealer? Answer me, you scoundrel! Shoot! Take your best shot! Every one of you! Hurry up! And if possible, try to print the reality! Not the breaking news! Otherwise, there will be no difference between you and them. Push him inside. Come here! Everyone see her face! Carefully see her face! Get the cloth! Move the van fast! Media, back off now. A super cop or something game How dare you arrest my son? Just calm down! I am not going to spare you! Sir game