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Scooby Doo horror adventure BARKS Oh! What, he’s gonna bite you? DON I’ll work out the kinks later tonight. By the time I’m through with him, he’ll be fetchin’ the morning paper. Dickson, show her that little thing that you were showing me. What? Oh. Valerie, clap your hands twice right by his left ear. ALL LAUGHING May I inquire the meaning of this brouhaha? My dog Mouse died, Dr. Truscott, and Dickson fixed him up for me. Yes, sir. Your dog? Yeah. May I remind you students that this is a mortuary academy? We deal in the art of embalming loved ones, not stuffing and animating vulgar house pets. Now, you just hold on, you baldheaded testtube Am I to understand that this desecration took place on mortuary property, using mortuary equipment? Wasting mortuary material? Please. It was the only way. I detect the delinquent hands of the brothers Grimm in this fiasco. That’s right, Dr. Truscott. It was our idea. We’ll take full responsibility. SAM Max, Max. We figured it was okay, since we were gonna, you know, end up owning this place sooner or later. Well, you have another thing coming. You’re expelled, the two of you. Get out! Get your things and get out! ALL What?! Sam and Max wasn’t even here. I did all the work. They only did it for me. Hey, chief. Back off! You’re expelled too, you pathetic recidivist. All of you, get out. Out of my sight! Your careers are with your diplomas in the crematorium oven. I don’t expect to see any of you around here again. And if I do, you’ll all be arrested for trespassing! Good day! More come in every day, but none of them ever seem to get paid. Well, how long has this been going on? I don’t know. Months. There’s no reason for this. The mortuary’s been in the black ever since I’ve worked here. Where’s Dr. Truscott? HELEN In his office, I think. Tuesday at a.m. What day does it arrive in the Virgin Islands? Not until Sunday? I guess that’ll have to be all right. I’d like to book one firstclass cabin to Saint Thomas. Now I wonder if you have refrigeration facilities on your ship? You do? In the cargo hold? I see.